Virtually from its founding, Jessie Wilkerson has been and continues to be an active member of our parish. She was the very first woman to serve on the vestry of the former Church of the Epiphany and became its first female Senior Warden. A teacher by profession, Jessie continues to offer her considerable skills and energy to enhance the life of the parish. She writes:

Epiphany and Christ church is my church home. It is a place that provides solace, a place for my religious and spiritual; growth. Through the inspirational guidance of our clergy, and now with the merger of our two congregations (Christ Church and Church of the Epiphany), we have become a more cohesive, united and harmonious congregation with incentives and programs that set our church future on firm ground.

I have served on the Choir, the Vestry, the Altar Guild, the Scholarship Committee and numerous other committees over my more than 50 years as a member of this parish. My church home has provided me encouragement and consolation, and enlivened, fortified and pointed me in the right direction.

God continuously guides, sustains, and blesses us, providing foresight, patience, and love in our hearts and minds for one another as we serve to the honor and glory of His name.

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